Introducing SteelFit and its unique, mostly topical line of supplements

May 18th, 2017

SteelFit is relatively new supplement company that doesn’t have your traditional line-up of products such as a powder pre-workout, amino, and protein. The majority of SteelFit’s supplements are in fact topical formulas with each one having a particular purpose.

The items making up the SteelFit family include the brand’s first two releases, the self-explanatory Abs of Steel and Buns of Steel. The former is a maximum definition supplement designed to help lean out your abdominals, obliques, and serratus muscles. Buns of Steels promises a very similar effect, although it’s for your booty, intending to give it a little extra pop.

SteelFit Guns of Steel

The other two products in the SteelFit line-up are Hydra Steel, which is the brand’s capsule water loss solution, and its most recent release, Guns of Steel. Unlike SteelFit’s other two topicals, Guns of Steel doesn’t aim to define your arms as you’d expect. Instead, it is a pump supplement that you apply to your arms before your workout, and it maximizes your muscle pumps while you train.

You can read more about SteelFit and its unique collection of products on its website at, where you can also purchase Hydra, Abs, Buns, and Guns of Steel. You can count on seeing more from the brand here at Stack3d moving forward, especially since SteelFit is planning on expanding its line quite a bit over the next few months.

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