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4+ Nutrition switches to glutamine peptides for faster effect

4 Plus Gluta Peptide

Up until this week it’s been almost a month since we’ve seen anything new from 4+ Nutrition. While that may not sound all that bad, for a brand that has launched over 10 supplements in less than a month, a few times, that is a long time without any noise.

Today that silence has stopped as 4+ Nutrition is finally back in the headlines, introducing an entirely new product. The latest from the Italian brand is called Gluta Peptide+, a glutamine formula that relies on glutamine peptides as opposed to the more common, regular l-glutamine.

According to 4+ Nutrition, its use of glutamine peptides allows you to feel the effects of glutamine slightly quicker, including reduced recovery times to help with muscle building. Each serving of the new 4+ Gluta Peptides weighs in at 5.7g providing exactly 5g of glutamine peptides.

As per usual, 4+ Nutrition has already made its Gluta Peptides available through its official Italian store. Fans in the country can now purchase it there at €45 for a 70 serving tub, with two tastes to choose from in Raspberry and Cherry Lemonade.

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