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AB Crew line-up is unique, but with a confusing protein powder

AB Crew

Very few times we come across supplement brands that do things differently from the typical pre-workout, protein, fat burner, and so on. Today we have one of those semi-rare finds with a brand that’s a little over a year old called AB Crew.

AB Crew from Deciem

AB Crew is, in fact, owned by the beauty company Deciem, which is responsible for quite a few brands in the beauty market. AB Crew is the parent company’s bridge between the beauty and supplement industries, hence why it brings with it an angle we mostly haven’t seen before.

Instead of having a supplement line made up of a pre-workout, protein, and amino, AB Crew has four categories of products with Body, Bath, Grooming, and Fitness. As you also might have guessed by its name, the brand’s items do mostly revolve around weight loss.

AB Crew Caffeine Shampoo

Topical weight loss

We won’t go over all of the items in the AB Crew family, as there are simply too many. Instead, we’ll highlight a handful of the more interesting ones starting with Shredding Oil and Carving Gel, both being topical formulas that promise to help burn fat in the areas you apply them.

Caffeine infused champoo

For the shower, AB Crew has Caffeine Shampoo and Nitro Conditioner. As exciting as the latter sounds, the former is the interesting one of the two as it’s intended to be a morning pick-me-up or even a pre-workout. The idea is you massage it into your hair, form a lather, rinse, and fairly soon after you’ll feel the effects of its caffeine-infused formula.

Non-transparent fat burner

The last two products we have to highlight are where things get a little more normal supplement wise with the fat burner Shredder and protein powder Carving Protein. Shredder is a typical stimulant powered weight loss formula featuring commonly used ingredients wrapped up in a non-transparent blend such as guarana caffeine, dandelion, carnitine, and green tea.

AB Crew Carving Protein

Post-workout or protein?

AB Crew’s Carving Protein is also a bit of a mainstream product, however, it is a little hard to tell exactly what it is. While it does say it’s a protein powder, it has a whole lot of other features under its ingredients list including BCAAs, glutamine, beta-alanine, CLA, and arginine AKG, all of which are listed before the protein sources.

Because of all the extras in Carving Protein, we can’t tell if its a protein or a complete post-workout. Unfortunately, AB Crew does not have the protein’s facts panel on its site which would clarify everything for us. The main question is what is its serving size as if it’s big (around 50g), you’re probably getting a solid post-workout mix. If not, we have a few questions about its protein sources.

More information

Aside from its more typical supplements — Shredder and Carving Protein — AB Crew does have quite the unique line-up. You can get a closer look at it all through its website at, where you can also purchase all of its products, although some are currently out of stock.