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Genius Test is here and promotes more than just increased testosterone

Genius Test

The long awaited testosterone booster Genius Test from Genius Supplements is now finally ready to go. After facing many uncontrollable delays with the product, the brand has it online and available for pre-order, as well as released all of its necessary details.

More than a test booster

As mentioned, Genius Test is a testosterone boosting formula, although that’s not all it does. The supplement promotes an extensive list of benefits on top of increased testosterone including brain support, dynamic energy, weight loss, libido, and help with muscle building.

Fully transparent formula

When it comes to its formula, Genius Test packs seven transparently dosed features, three of which are trademarked ingredients. To help it deliver on all of its interesting effects the product includes the branded features KSM-66 ashwagandha at a 1g, as well as half a gram of PrimaVie shilajit and 100mg of LJ-100 longjack.

Genius Test

The four other ingredients in Genius Test are half a gram of fenugreek, a quarter of a gram each of quercetin and DIM (diindolylmethane), and 10mg of boron citrate. All of those doses mentioned are for on a single four-capsule serving of the supplement, with each bottle of Genius Test having the usual 30 servings.

Available at Amazon

Genius Test is now officially listed through the online retailer Amazon, where you can now purchase the product. A bottle of the testosterone booster will cost you $54.99 and last you a full month, although orders aren’t going to ship until the 6th of June, which is next Tuesday.