Green Tea + Beetroot + Fiber + MCTs another addition to the BPI Health line

Jun 23rd, 2017
Green Tea Beetroot Fiber MCTs

While BPI Sports has been releasing a lot of complex supplements over the past few months, it’s also released quite a few additions to its BPI Health line-up. That has included a number of self-explanatory products such as CLA + Coconut Oil + Aminos and Garcinia + Carnitine.

Details have now surfaced on another new supplement for the BPI Health line with the lengthy-named Green Tea + Beetroot + Fiber + MCTs. Like all of the other products in the series, the ingredients mentioned in the title of Green Tea + Beetroot + Fiber + MCTs, are exactly what’s in it.

Green Tea Beetroot Fiber MCTs

The formula in BPI’s new Green Tea + Beetroot + Fiber + MCTs comes with a number of benefits including cognitive function, cardiovascular health, antioxidants, natural energy, and help with digestion. The exact ingredients and doses making up a serving of the supplement are 5g of fiber (inulin), 3g of Captex MCTs, and half a gram each of green tea and beetroot powder.

The latest BPI Health product is already online at Amazon, however, at the moment it is not in stock. The listing does confirm the flavors for the supplement though, with Green Tea + Beetroot + Fiber + MCTs coming in two 30 serving tastes with Tangerine Ice and Berry Splash.