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Smaller 7lb Mass-Tech Extreme 2000 coming in July

Mass-Tech Extreme 2000 7lb

Muscletech’s Mass-Tech Extreme 2000 is arguably one of the most eye-catching supplements when you see it in person, purely because it comes in an unmissable 22lb bucket. While its package is quite large, it is also fitting as a single serving of the product is over 1lb.

We’ve now received word that a second size of Mass-Tech Extreme is coming soon, that is best considered a trial size. The option is significantly smaller, less than a third the weight of the original 22lb, being a 7lb tub. Based on the number of servings you get in the massive bucket, the new 7lb should have somewhere between six to seven servings.

As mentioned the second size for Muscletech’s Mass-Tech Extreme is probably best considered a trial size, for those that’d like to give the 2,000 calorie gainer a short run before investing in a full bucket. The 7lb option is due to be available sometime next month in at least the one Triple Chocolate Brownie flavor.