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MusclePharm Natural Series launches with 2 of its 5 supplements

MusclePharm Natural Series

After a lot of information releases here and there, then eventually detailed looks at each of the supplements, MusclePharm’s Natural Series has finally started rolling out. The entire line is not yet available, but there a couple of items you can purchase to get a taste of the series. appears to be one of the first places with any of the MusclePharm Natural products. It has two of the line’s five supplements in stock and available with Pre-Workout and Organic Superfood, leaving out the Organic Protein Bar and Protein Powder, and Grass-Fed Whey.

For a limited time you can also save on both of the new MusclePharm Natural Series products, with a 20% off sale is currently running. It drops Pre-Workout down from $40 to a slightly nicer $32 for 30 servings, and Organic Superfood down from $42 to $33.60 also for 30 servings.