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Nutrex introduces its Clinical Edge testosterone booster Tested

Nutrex Tested

A new supplement has joined Nutrex’s Clinical Edge Series today, that’ll help any fans looking to build muscle and strength. The product is called Nutrex Tested, which is a testosterone boosting formula that comes with a lengthy list of benefits.

As well as supporting increased testosterone, like most competitors in the category. Nutrex Tested also aims to help build lean muscle mass, amplify libido and sexual function, and optimize hormone levels.

Two ingredient formula

Despite promoting an extensive list of promising benefits, the formula behind the new Nutrex Tested isn’t all that complex. The testosterone formula is in fact quite a simple supplement featuring just two different ingredients.

Nutrex Tested

Making up each two capsule serving of Nutrex Tested is 200mg of the branded LJ100 long jack, alongside 100mg of boron citrate. The former is the main feature of the product helping deliver the majority of the effects, with the boron citrate there to further support it all.

Pre-order for $27.50

At the moment Nutrex Tested is not yet in stock anywhere, however the brand has made it available for pre-order through its official website. The price on the supplement is $54.95, which during the pre-order will in fact get you two bottles working out to $27.50 each.

Shipping of pre-orders is due to take place not too long from now, in exactly ten days time on Monday the 19th of this month.