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Prime confirms three more supplements for next week’s relaunch

Prime Nutrition

With Prime Nutrition’s long awaited relaunch now just five days away the brand has released a little bit more about what it’s going to have next week. The brand has dropped a preview showing off six of the supplements that’ll be available come launch day, with half of those being items we didn’t know about.

Previously we knew of only five Prime products that are due to be released with PWO-MAX, Sleep/GH, the fat burner EXO-13, Phyotphorm, and the intra-workout Intra-Elite. We can now confirm three more for the brand’s relaunch with EAAs, Waterloss, and Prime’s original female fat burner Redux.

Thanks to the latest update from Prime Nutrition we know that there will be at least eight different supplements involved in the relaunch, which for those that need reminding is next week on Monday at