SteelFit launches its stimulant free fat burner Steel Core

Jun 20th, 2017
Steel Core

Back in May when we introduced the mostly topical supplement brand SteelFit and its relatively small line of products, we mentioned that the brand plans on expanding its family this year. We’ve now witnessed SteelFit put that into action with the launch of its first mainstream style supplement, the fat burner Steel Core.

Burn fat without stims

While the new SteelFit product is the brand’s first real mainstream release, it has done a pretty good job of putting together a competitive fat burner that is actually stimulant free. Steel Core promises a number of common weight loss effects including helping turn fat into energy thanks to its carnitine, improve metabolism, partition carbohydrates, and increase strength.

Proven weight loss ingredients

To help users on their weight loss journies, SteelFit has packed Steel Core with a relatively straightforward combination of six different ingredients. They’re all commonly used and proven ingredients and all at solid full disclosure doses.

Steel Core

The six features making up each three-capsule serving of Steel Core are 750mg of carnitine fumarate, 400mg of the branded Morosil Silician red orange fruit. 300mg each of alpha lipoic acid and another patented ingredient in KSM-66 ashwagandha, 40mg of Paradoxine grains of paradise, and 3mg of CapsiAtra.

Steel Core availability

Anyone interested in giving SteelFit’s latest addition to its growing line of supplements can now pick up a bottle of Steel Core from the brand’s website. It’ll cost you the relatively high price of $49.95 for a full 30 serving bottle, which will last you a full month as the product’s recommended amount is a serving a day.