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Tiramisu and Cookies & Cream added to both Pharma and Diet Whey

Tiramisu Diet Whey

The UK supplement company PhD Nutrition has launched two new protein flavors this month, both of which have been added to two different products. The latest recipes from PhD are a combination of common and rare with Cookies & Cream and Tiramisu.

The lucky two protein powders getting the new flavors are the BCAA infused Pharma Whey and the weight loss infused Diet Whey. It is actually only one of each supplement’s size that’s got the flavors with Pharma Whey’s 908g bag and Diet Whey’s 1kg tub.

Those located in the UK can already purchase all four of the new PhD releases from its official website and currently at pretty good prices with Pharma Whey at $34.99 and Diet Whey only $20.99.