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Christian Guzman taking on the energy drink market with Up Energy

Up Energy

Fitness celebrity Christian Guzman, who many may know from team Ghost, today has officially introduced his latest venture. After being a loyal fan of the classic white Monster Ultra, the incredibly popular Guzman has put together his very own energy drink called Up Energy.

Guzman appears to have done everything he can to make Up Energy a stand out product, as he looks to take on the extremely competitive energy drink market. While it will be no doubt tough for him to replace fitness enthusiasts go to pick-me-up, Up Energy does have a few features that make it quite interesting.

Premium aluminum bottle

Firstly, Christan Guzman’s Up Energy doesn’t come in the traditional aluminum can. Instead, he has opted for a dense, screw top, reusable, aluminum bottle that’ll help keep your drink cold for longer than any of the thinner cans and bottles out there. It features a mostly white design with its logo in black on the front, keeping things simple but stylish.

Up Energy

Up Energy formula

Moving on to the more important part of Up Energy, we have, of course, the ingredients it uses to give you energy. The facts panel revealed with Christian Guzman’s announcement confirms a 1.5g blend in each bottle, which is made up of a very Monster Ultra like mix of ingredients.

The 1.5g proprietary blend in Up Energy is a combination of taurine, panax ginseng, carnitine tartrate, caffeine, guarana, glucuronolactone, and inositol. Monster fans will probably notice all of those ingredients can be found in Monster Ultra, and in that order. Up Energy does, however, pack a little more caffeine per bottle with 200mg.

Whenver you need energy

According to Christian Guzman, the purpose of the product is pretty simple. It’s packed with enough to get you up and moving at any time of the day, for whatever reason. Whether it be to get going for cardio, a workout, morning, midday, or afternoon pick-me-up, study, work. As mentioned, it’s for whenever you feel you need some energy.

Up Energy

Fruity Sprite taste

Taste is obviously a big thing when it comes to energy drinks, and not something Christian Guzman has overlooked. He went through many blind taste tests to come out with the final flavor, which he describes as a “fruity, Sprite, Sierra Mist taste”. It is also worth mentioning that Up Energy does have 7g of carbohydrates per bottle, 2g of that being sugar alcohols.

Price and release

Last but not least is where can you get Up Energy and how much it costs. The product comes in cases of 12 priced at $29.99, working out to $2.49 a bottle, with shipping currently promised to be a flat rate of $5.

Christian Guzman’s new Up Energy is going to be available this coming Monday (June 5th) at exactly 12PM Central Time. The website you’ll be able to purchase it from is, where at the moment there is only a subscription box to presumably be notified when the energy drink is available.