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Modern Protein as low as $12.50 a tub in USP’s dated summer sale

USP Labs

USP Labs has put together some crazy deals as we head into summer, for both fans of its supplements and anyone that likes a great sale. The promotion involves dated stock, which are basically products that are due to expire sooner rather than later.

While some of the supplements have expiration dates of only a little over a month from now, there are also some that are for the end of November. Either way though, USP Labs has discounted the products to prices that’ll make it worth purchasing.

There are four different supplements involved in the USP Labs clearance sale, starting with the two pre-workouts Jack3d Micro priced at two tubs for $20, and ModernPre at two tubs for $30. You then have the fat burner EpiBurn Pro in a two bottle combo at $12.50 each, and the Vanilla Modern Protein at two 2lb tubs for $30 or four 2lb tubs for $50, working out to just $12.50 each.

You can find all of the soon to expire products and deals at Also for those wondering about the exact expiration dates, Jack3d Micro’s is the end of August, ModernPre and EpiBurn’s is the end of November, and Modern Protein’s is the end of next month.