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Enrage Extreme gets a second candy inspired flavor

Warrior Gummy Bear Enrage Extreme

A few weeks ago eFlow Nutrition launched a new flavor for its original pre-workout supplement Enrage. A little before that it introduced fans to its more extreme formula Enrage Extreme featuring beta-alanine, agmatine, and the powerful stimulant DMHA.

This week eFlow has decided it’s already time to give back to its one-month-old product, by launching an all-new flavor of Enrage Extreme. Up until now, the pre-workout did only have one taste to choose from with the candy inspired recipe, Sour Soldier.

The new addition to Enrage Extreme’s menu is actually a flavor initially made for eFlow’s BCAA Endure, with another candy recipe in Warrior Gummy Bear. The product is already in stock through the brand’s website at $44.99 for a full 30 serving tub.