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Xtend Basic on clearance at Nutraplanet for a competitive $6 a tub

Xtend Basic

Over in Brazil Scivation fans have a version of Xtend BCAAs that’s not available here in the US, with a supplement referred to as Xtend Basic. The product is essentially a stripped down version of the popular amino, featuring just BCAAs without the added citrulline or glutamine.

While Xtend Basic doesn’t have either of the extras mentioned, it’s still promoted with the same 7g dose 2:1:1 BCAAs per serving, with a total of 30 servings per tub. The reason we’re bringing up Xtend Basic today isn’t to show you what you can’t get in the US; it is quite the opposite.

Up until this week, we hadn’t seen Scivation’s Xtend Basic anywhere outside of Brazil, although that has all changed. The team over at Nutraplanet now has stock of the straightforward BCAA supplement and at an extremely competitive price.

If you head to Nutraplanet today you’ll find Xtend Basic in stock and available for purchase for an incredible $6.25 per tub with two flavors to choose from in Fruit Punch and Green Apple. The store is listing the product as a clearance item, so it probably isn’t going to be around for long.

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