Adrenal Switch Review: Calming, clearing and relaxing

Jul 21st, 2017
Adrenal Switch Review

Switch Nutrition is a very new company coming out of Australia that launched its line of five different products just a few months ago. We recently got a hold of a few of its supplements, and now today we have a review of Switch’s recovery formula Adrenal Switch.

Any time of day

The whole idea behind Adrenal Switch is actually quite unique, as it’s designed to switch off stress and switch on recovery. While it may sound like a nighttime product, that’s not its primary purpose. It is simply a relaxing recovery supplement that you can take before bed to further wind down but is also for use throughout the day. For our review, we used Adrenal Switch before bed as that was the only time we felt we needed to relax and unwind anyway.

Mind clearing calmness

Very rarely we get to say this, but when it comes to how Adrenal Switch performs it does exactly as advertised. The product has an incredible relaxing ability that goes above and beyond what you’d expect. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to start working after you’ve thrown back a single serving, then you just start to feel calmer, or if you are already fairly calm, a much clearer head.

Works best at night

When it comes to using Adrenal Switch at night or when you’re lying down, that calming effect mentioned is followed up by an enjoyable, relaxing sensation that spreads throughout your body. If you’re moving around at all when this goes down it’s relatively difficult to notice, which is why we’d say it’s an effect you’ll better enjoy lying down.

As you’d imagine a calmer and clearer mind mixed with a relaxed body, does give you the conditions for a great night’s sleep. As mentioned earlier Adrenal Switch is not a nighttime supplement, although after using it several times at night, we do feel that is the best way to get the most out of the product.

Recovery ability

When it comes to recovery we wouldn’t quite say Adrenal Switch is super effective, it does, however, give you a solid refreshed and “recovered like” feeling come morning. It’ll have you walking up with your eyes going from shut to wide open, and almost jumping out of bed as you won’t feel your normal level of sluggish or slow. Your muscles will still ache if you pushed yourself far enough the day before, but that refreshed feeling does make it a lot easier to deal with.

Unique experience

Overall our first taste of Switch Nutrition is about as good as we had hoped. The recovery supplement Adrenal Switch has a unique list of promises that it delivers in a unique way. It has a real calming and head clearing effect as advertised, and then you have the added body relaxation. It is definitely an interesting product and a great nighttime solution that offers a very different experience compared to most sleep aids.