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Atlhetica mixes chromium with a higher concentration of carnitine

Atlhetica Carnitine

A new basic supplement has launched from Atlhetica Nutrition this month which is a spin-off, or improved version of its L-Carnitine 2300. The product is called Carnitine 3000 + Chromium, which is exactly what it’s named, regular l-carnitine mixed with chromium picolinate, for help with weight loss.

Unlike Atlhetica’s Carnitine 2300, each 30ml serving of its new Carnitine 3000 + Chromium features a higher concentration of carnitine with 3g instead of 2.3g. It also has an extra 35mcg of chromium picolinate to further increase the supplement’s fat burning ability.

The all-new Atlhetica Nutrition product has been put together in two bottle sizes, a 480ml packing 16 servings and a double size 960ml with 32 servings. Both size options are now available and come in the relatively unique three flavor recipe with Lemon, Green Tea, and Ginger.