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Carnigen Natural just like Carnigen but naturally flavored

Carnigen Natural

Evogen has officially released the new Natural Series spin-off of its long running carnitine supplement, Carnigen. The naturally flavored product is officially named Carnigen Natural and features all of the main ingredients and doses from the regular Carnigen.

Just like Carnigen, the new Carnigen Natural aims to enhance metabolism and recovery, and support for weight loss. The formula behind the supplement packs a one gram blend of carnitine in each serving, made up of four different forms of the ingredient in carnitine tartrate, fumarate, orotate, and acetyl-l-carnitine.

Carnigen Natural

Evogen’s latest product does also feature BioPerine black pepper to enhance absorption of everything, however, it is not at the same dose as the original. Instead of 5mg per serving the supplement features half the amount at 2.5mg.

Like with most new releases these days, Evogen’s Carnigen Natural has been made available first through its own website. The brand has priced the product exactly the same as the regular Carnigen at $34.99 for a 90 serving tub, although it only comes in the one flavor with Mandarin Orange.

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