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Core Nutritionals fully loads its potent GDA Core Load

Core Load

To get everyone ready for the upcoming launch of Core Load, Core Nutritionals has shared all of the supplement’s important details. That includes a complete look at both the GDA itself and its potent, fully transparent formula, as well as an explanation on why the brand went with all of the ingredients it did.

What is a GDA?

Firstly, as mentioned Core Load is a GDA, which stands for glucose disposal agent. The primary purpose of these kinds of products is to help drive nutrients into your muscles more efficiently. When formulated well a GDA can fuel some seriously awesome muscle pumps.

Core Load difference

When it comes to Core Nutritionals’ supplement, it’s designed to beat out the competition with a more effective, potent, and unique combination of ingredients. While Core Load’s ingredients aren’t anything new, their powerful doses are bigger than a lot of, if not all of the other GDA formulas out there.

Core Load

Potent four piece formula

The full on Core Load mix features a total of four different ingredients, covering all the main glycogenesis pathways for a complete and effective experience. Those ingredients are 2g of green coffee bean (50% chlorogenic acid), a gram of GS4 Plus branded gymnema sylvestre, 774mg of berberis aristata (97% berberine), and 125mg of banaba extract (20% corosolic acids).

Directions and release

Core Nutritionals directs users to take a full six capsule serving of Core Load either 30 minutes before eating a carbohydrate loaded meal or within 60 minutes after. The brand also says to make sure that meal has at least 80g of carbs.

Core Load is currently expected to release in just over one week’s time on Monday the 7th of August. The product will be available first to Core’s subscriber list that you can sign up to through its website. Knowing the brand Load will be welcomed with one or two introductory deals likely involving a strong price point, a bulk option, and some freebies.