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GN Labs GodMode turns out to be almost identical to The Evil

GodMode Pre-Workout

GN Labs has completely unveiled its new pre-workout supplement GodMode, which as it turns out isn’t quite as exciting as we were hoping. The formula behind the hyped product is actually almost identical to that of The Evil, so similar we wouldn’t be surprised if GodMode is The Evil’s replacement.

We say the two are so similar because every main ingredient in GN Labs’ three-month-old The Evil, is in the new GodMode pre-workout. The big differences are that GodMode has a lot less of everything, lists some of its ingredients under different names, and also has theacrine and beetroot in the mix.

Almost identical to The Evil

Exactly like The Evil, GN Labs GodMode formula is broken up into two non-transparent blends. The first is a 7g combination of glycerol, citrulline polyhydrate, and beetroot powder. Next is a 2.05g proprietary blend with all of the supplement’s energy and focus ingredients including n-acetyl-tyrosine polyhydrate, citrus aurantium, rhodiola, caffeine, DMHA, theacrine, and DMAE.


GodMode Pre-Workout

While the GodMode pre-workout does have ingredients similar to GN Labs The Evil, those familiar with the latter will know there is quite a big difference with the weight of the proprietary blends. For example, in GodMode its maximum Pump Matrix weight is 7g of glycerol, citrulline polyhydrate, and beetroot, whereas The Evil’s is 13g of citrulline polyhydrate and HydroMax glycerol. Since they’re all in blends, we don’t know the doses of any of the ingredients, but overall you get almost twice as much pump weight in The Evil than GodMode.

The Evil

The Evil

There is also a similar difference with GodMode’s energy matrix compared to The Evil. GN Labs has GodMode’s second blend tip the scales at 2.05g per maximum serving, whereas The Evil’s is 4.05g and that’s without the addition of theacrine. The brand simply seems to have shifted a number of things around and drastically scaled the blend weights down for the new pre-workout. Strangely enough, despite all the changes GN Labs has kept the number of servings much the same with GodMode packing 15 single scoop maximums compared to The Evil that has 12 and three quarters.

Less for the same price

Based on how much of everything GodMode has, we’d feel much more confident in picking up The Evil. While the former is the new pre-workout, it has a lot less of a similar mix of ingredients and around the same servings. The whole thing is made even clearer with the products’ tubs, as they don’t weigh anywhere near the same with The Evil at 250g and GodMode at 150g.

The big question still of course remains, however, is The Evil being replaced by GodMode? If so get the top rated The Evil while you can, especially since at Gigas Nutrition it costs exactly the same. The store has just added stock of GodMode at €39.90 per tub, the same price as The Evil despite as mentioned, having less weight overall but almost identical formulas.