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Silverback confirms Guardian White Shred Attack as coming soon

Guardian White Shred Attack

The fast growing and now top rated supplement company Silverback Nutraceuticals, has confirmed that another entirely new product is in the works. We say another new product, as it was only about three weeks ago that the brand released a preview of Guardian Pump, a stimulant free pre-workout it’s currently testing.

The second Silverback supplement said to be coming soon has a similar title to the brand’s top rated pre-workout Guardian Black Mass Attack, with Guardian White Shred Attack. As you could’ve probably guessed by the name, Silverback’s fourth product is going to be some its first ever entry into the world of weight loss.

For now, Silverback is only saying Guardian White Shred Attack is on the way, with no mention of when it’ll be here, what any of ingredients are, or even if it will be pill or powder.