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Guerrilla Chemist supplement line launching in 12 weeks

Guerrilla Chemist Supplements

The ex-Blackstone Labs Chief Science Officer Bryan Moskow, better known as the Guerrilla Chemist, is now the Chief Science Officer for the fast-growing supplement retailer Tiger Fitness. The partnership is going to result in a number of things including quality content for Tiger Fitness as well as something much more interesting.

On the content side, the Guerrilla Chemist will be contributing science, nutrition, and supplement articles to Tiger Fitness, and a weekly post and video called Molecule Mondays. As for the other part of the partnership, due to be released in roughly 12 weeks’ time is a Guerrilla Chemist supplement line.

For now, there is no confirmation on any product names or categories for the upcoming Guerrilla Chemist brand. What we do know is that the entire line is coming from the mind of the man himself, and will feature fully transparent, innovative, and researched backed formulas that will no doubt be very effective.

Stay tuned here at Stack3d for more information on the new Guerrilla Chemist supplements as we get closer to its launch 12 weeks from now. Also if you’re a follower of the Tiger Fitness content website, look forward to seeing contributions on there from the Guerrilla Chemist soon.