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Myprotein’s US only Protein Popcorn has arrived in four different flavors

Myprotein Protein Popcorn

A couple of weeks ago Myprotein teased its second supplement to be exclusively released in the US. That product was the delicious looking snack, Myprotein Protein Popcorn, which has appropriately launched today, on July 4th.

The supplement is actually a lot like the only other protein packed popcorn we know of, Power Popcorn from Icon Meals. The Myprotein competitor features a similar combination of macros, and also comes in four Power Popcorn like flavors with Vanilla Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, Cinnamon Crunch, and the multi-colored Freedom. It is worth mentioning though that Myprotein doesn’t say anywhere that its product is a collaboration with anyone.

The exact nutrition numbers making up the Freedom flavor of Myprotein’s new Protein Popcorn are 10g of protein, 22g of carbohydrates with 15g of that sugar, 3g of fat (2g saturated), and 150 calories. The brand has said that the macros will vary from flavor to flavor, although only slightly.

Myprotein fans can now purchase the new Myprotein Protein Popcorn in any of its four flavors directly from its US website at At the moment a full 60g bag will cost you $9.90, although if you use the coupon code “4JULY” you can save 10%, making it a dollar cheaper.

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