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Northbound gets creative with its series of all-natural Blend flavors

Northbound All Natural Blend

Northbound Nutrition fans have been given a whole new set of flavors to choose from when it comes to the brand’s energy and focus formula simply named Blend. Up until this month, the supplement was available in Texas Nectar, Lemonberry Bomb, and Raspberry Lemonade which is discontinued but still around.

Now available for Northbound’s cognitive energy product is a series of all-natural flavors, that all sound quite different. The brand has launched three new recipes with its natural line, introducing Italian Ice (lemon lime), Cosmic Swirl (orange pomegranate), and Strawberry Cupcake (strawberry cake).

Usually, when we talk about new flavors for a supplement, we’d say they do of course feature the same combination of ingredients and doses. With Northbound’s new all-natural Blend recipes that is not the case, as the brand has made a handful of changes.

Northbound All Natural Blend

The natural version does not feature the Spectra superfood blend anymore, nor does it have AlphaSize alpha-GPC. You also get slightly less huperzine A with 100mcg instead of 200, and the new addition of the focus ingredient choline bitartrate. Everything else in the product is exactly the same with 2g of taurine, a gram each of acetyl carnitine and tyrosine, 125mg of organic caffeine, and 5mg of BioPerine black pepper.

While Northbound has only made a few changes to its all-natural Blend, it is actually selling the spin-off at a lower price than the original. On its website the new release has a regular price of $44.99, compared to original’s $55.99. It is however currently on sale at $36.99, with a total of 30 servings per tub.