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Recon previews an updated Recoil with 25% more BCAAs

Recon Recoil

Another supplement has been revealed for Recon Nutrition’s upcoming relaunch, which was confirmed last week with the preview of an all-new version of the brand’s flavored fat burner Thermonuke. This week another preview has surfaced, this time featuring an updated version of Recon’s amino formula Recoil.

Much like with our first look at the new Thermonuke, our first look at Recon’s new Recoil doesn’t reveal a whole lot about the product. The details that we do get are highlights from the formula behind the supplement including 5g of BCAAs as opposed to 4g like the previous Recoil, 3g of coconut water, and 2g of betaine anhydrous.

It looks like Recon’s updated Recoil is going to feature mostly the same ingredients as its predecessor, although as you can see, with slightly different doses. We’re still unfortunately unsure on when Recon plans on reintroducing its rebranded line of products, only that it now has a total of two supplements on its list of upcoming releases.