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Fraction of Redcon1 line coming soon to


It was only just yesterday that Aaron Singerman’s growing supplement company Redcon1, expanded and added another major bodybuilder to its family of athletes. Now officially a part of the Redcon1 team is the Lil Monster Dani Reardon, who has been followed up with some exciting news on the supplement distribution front.

It has now been confirmed that sometime soon, Redcon1 is going to be expanding the availability of its product line into the online supplement giant Previously some of the best places to get Redcon1 were through the likes of Suppz and Tiger Fitness, as well as direct through the brand’s own website at

From what we can tell, it looks like Redcon1 will be starting out its launch with only a fraction of its line-up. The major online retailer has in fact already added a total of four items to its website, which includes the brand’s first BCAA formula Breach, its spin-off Breach Ballistic, the protein ISOtope, and the stimulant free pre-workout Big Noise.