Andro Freak powered by the researched PrimaVie shilajit

Aug 11th, 2017
Andro Freak

PharmaFreak’s second of two new FreakMode Series supplements introduced today is an entirely new testosterone booster called Andro Freak. While it does sound familiar, Andro Freak is not to be confused with the brand’s other testosterone products Anabolic Freak and Test Freak.

Test and hormone support

The capsule FreakMode Series supplement does make promises similar to PharmaFreak’s other testosterone competitors such as healthy testosterone and hormone level support. The ingredients it uses, however, to deliver those effects is where Andro Freak separates itself from the likes of Anabolic and Test Freak.

Andro Freak formula

The testosterone boosting FreakMode formula features a relatively complex combination of ingredients, although it does stay honest by transparently listing all of those ingredients with exact doses. For hormonal support, Andro Freak includes 125mg of the researched PrimaVie shilajit, 100mg of theanine, and 25mg of resveratrol, along with a blend of vitamins.

Andro Freak

To add even more benefits to Andro Freak, the product does also have a small two ingredient complex for weight management. Those two ingredients are 200mg of sweet red pepper and another 200mg of the common fat burner feature green coffee bean.

Available and stackable

PharmaFreak’s new Andro Freak is expected to be showing up in stores in the very near future, in the one 60 capsule box which is enough to last you 30 days. The brand is also saying Andro Freak can stack with its other like minded supplements, Anabolic Freak, Test Freak, and GH Freak.

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