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Animal Flex Powder switches flaxseed for collagen hydrolysate

Animal Flex Powder

When Animal first confirmed that it had transformed its reliable joint supplement Animal Flex into a powder formula, just as it did with its classic Animal Pak. The brand mentioned that it had to make a few changes to the formula so it could actually be produced as a powder.

Today we have the official label for Animal’s new Animal Flex Powder confirming its exact differences from the original pill pack version. Initially, the brand did say that it made very few tweaks to its joint formula for the transformation and, that some of those tweaks brought with them added benefits.

Main pill to powder difference

For those unfamiliar with the original Animal Flex combination, it’s broken up into three blends, a Joint Construction Complex, Joint Lubrication Complex, and Joint Support Complex. The Joint Construction Complex has remained exactly the same for Animal Flex Powder, keeping its 3g blend of glucosamine, MSM, and chondroitin, sulfate A and C.

Animal Flex Powder

Where the few changes come in is with the second half of the formula. Animal Flex’s other two pill pack blends have been combined into a three times heavier Joint Lubrication and Support Complex, weighing in at 6g per serving. It features all of the other ingredients from the pill pack Flex except for flaxseed oil, which has been traded out for a good amount of collagen hydrolysate.

Available now in Orange

There are already a couple places you can purchase the new Animal Flex Powder, which we imagine is a lot like the flavored Animal Pak and is simply a lot easier to consume. You can buy direct at or through the likes of Supplement Central, with both listing the joint product in the same Orange flavored 30 serving tub for the same price of $20.95.