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New BPI Series introduces 12 different ChromaDex Certified supplements

BPI Natural Essentials

A new spin-off line of supplements is now available from BPI Sports which comes under its BPI Health brand and is called the Natural Essentials Series. The entire collection of products is made up of straightforward formulas with a total of 12 different items, including supplements for immune support, appetite control, and general health.

BPI promotes an extra level of quality for its new Natural Essentials Series saying that it uses only the highest quality ingredients from trusted sources. Every product in the line is gluten free, non-GMO, all-natural, organic, with no artificial colors, binders, or synthetics. The Natural Essentials are also all ChromaDex Certified like many of BPI’s other supplements, meaning they’re consistently tested for strength, purity, and integrity.

BPI Natural Essentials

The 12 products making up the BPI Natural Essentials Series includes B-Complex, CLA Coconut, D Vitamin, the joint formula FitFlex, Focus, Garcinia. Hair, Skin and Nails, Energy, the vitamin and algae combination Health, Immune, Krill Collagen, and Omegas. All of the supplements explain what they are or what they do in their titles, even some of the more openly named products such as Energy designed to boost energy, and Focus built to improve mental focus.

BPI Sports entire Natural Essentials family can now be found and purchased through the dedicated website, where all 12 supplements are priced at $34.99 a bottle. The products are also available through Amazon for the same simple price except for FitFlex and Immune which are slightly more expensive at $41.64 and $41.90.