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Carnivor Mass Big Steer now at GNC and will save you over 15%

Carnivor Mass Big Steer

Back in May MuscleMeds unveiled a new, absolutely massive size of its already rather large mass protein Carnivor Mass. Instead of just being called Carnivor Mass, the brand decided to give the bucket option a more individual name to reflect its size with Carnivor Mass Big Steer.

MuscleMeds’ significantly larger Carnivor Mass is now available, with one of the first major retailers to show up with it being GNC. The product has arrived at a price of $104.99 for 35 servings, which is saving of about 16% compared to the previously largest Carnivor Mass, the 6lb 14 serving tub.

It is worth keeping in mind that the price and comparison mentioned above are all based on Carnivor Mass at GNC. The difference in value for Carnivor Mass Big Steer may very well be quite different at other retailers, which it is going to be arriving at some time in the near future.