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Cotton Candy and Pink Lemonade make it 10 tastes for R1 Pre Amino

Pink Lemonade Pre-Amino

Earlier this year Rule One Proteins launched its energy infused amino supplement R1 Pre Amino, introducing it in a wide variety of options. Right from the beginning fans had an impressive eight different flavors to choose from for the product, with two of those being all-natural recipes.

Half a year later, Rule One has decided it’s time to increase that already massive menu to a total of ten different flavors. Now available for R1 Pre Amino are two more natural and artificial recipes with Pink Lemonade and Cotton Candy.

Both of Rule One’s new R1 Pre Amino flavors are already in stock and available for purchase through its website at It is also worth mentioning that Pink Lemonade and Cotton Candy currently only come in the supplement’s smaller 30 serving tub, and not it’s double size 60 serving like all of the others.