Inspired Giveaway: 10 bottles of the best pre-workout available

Aug 11th, 2017
DVST8 White Cut Giveaway

It’s been a while since we run a giveaway here at Stack3d, but it’s been even longer since we’ve done one with the great guys over at Inspired. Today that is exactly what we have for you, with a competition involving the brand’s DVST8 White Cut, which is still the top rated pre-workout on the market.

The Inspired giveaway we have to finish off the week is for a massive ten, full-size, 40 serving tubs of DVST8 White Cut. That 40 servings does work out to half as many maximum servings, so if you want to really push it to the limit with your training, one tub will get you through a total of 20 workouts.

To get yourself in the draw to win one of those ten tubs of DVST8 White Cut simply complete one or more of the tasks listed in the contest box below. Some of the options can be done once a day through until next Friday, which is when the giveaway ends. Winners will be emailed directly a week or so after it all finishes for shipping details and flavor choice.

Inspired DVST8 White Cut

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