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Elemetx teases a possible multi-source protein powder

Elemetx Protein Powder

Earlier this year in April, the still relatively young supplement company Elemetx, teased three entirely new products. Since that teaser the brand has gone on to launch one of those three, introducing the stimulant free weight loss formula Acetyl Burn.

It seems Elemetx is now gearing up for the release of the second of its three all-new supplements. The brand has dropped yet another teaser image, just as it did a few months ago, which is relatively covered up but leaves enough uncovered to give us a good guess at what it has coming.

The details we have from the latest Elemetx teaser are that its next new product has a name starting with the word “Nitro”. Next is that it features some sort of clean multi-source formula, it’s gluten and dairy free, weighs 2.3lb per tub, and will come in a Chocoluxe flavor.

Elemetx Protein Powder

Our one and only guess at the supplement Elemetx has coming is a protein powder. It fits perfectly with all of the brand’s details such as gluten and dairy free, chocolate flavored, and weighs around the typical 2lbs. It also has a multi-source formula, presumably meaning multiple sources of protein like whey and casein.

For now, we’re just going to have to wait for Elemetx to unveil its mystery product, which if it does turn out to be a protein powder, it will be quite fitting for the brand’s line-up. It already has most of the major categories covered, with a protein giving its fans the ability to create full supplement stacks.

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