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More stable GlycerPump a part of Performax Labs’ big relaunch

Performax Labs GlycerPump

Performax Labs recently announced that this October it is going to be making a lot of changes and dropping some new releases, so much so that it’s almost like a relaunch. While we have yet to get confirmation of everything the brand has planned, this week we’ve got a bit of an update one of the areas changes are due to be made.

One of the more significant things Performax Labs has said it’ll be doing in October is reformulating some of its supplements. The update we have this week is that an unknown amount of the brand’s reformulations are going to involve a very new ingredient called GlycerPump.

According to Performax Labs, the new GlycerPump is a completely stable form of the pump enhancing ingredient glycerol. GlycerPump is from a company called Pinnacle Australia, with the more stable glycerol said to have no clumping, improved mixability, and better flavoring ability.

With today being the last day of August, we’re now a month away from the start of Performax Labs’ big relaunch. The latest update doesn’t really give us too much insight into everything the brand has lined up, but it does give us an idea of the types of areas Performax will be improving.