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Halotropin updated with a bigger dose but fewer ingredients


Due to ProSupps belief in continuous improvement and innovation, the fast rising brand has gone ahead and revamped one of its longer running supplements, the testosterone booster Halotropin. ProSupps appears to have taken the previous formula and made a few tweaks, but kept the main focus of the product the same

ProSupps Halotropin is still designed to help boost testosterone, in turn providing a variety of benefits, most of which center around muscle building. The supplement’s complete combination of effects promoted includes improved vitality and stamina, better muscle recovery, estrogen modulation and control, and natural testosterone production support.


As for the list of ingredients in the new and improved Halotropin, as mentioned ProSupps has made just a few tweaks. In the current version, each capsule has a 367mg blend of a number of different ingredients. In the updated Halotropin that blend is 20% bigger with the same combination of ingredients in a slightly different order and minus DIM (diindolylmethane), bulbine natalensis, and polygonum cuspidatum.

You can see the official facts panel for the 2017 edition of ProSupps Halotropin above. You can also expect to see the reformulated testosterone boosting supplement on shelves very soon, with the thing to look out for to know if you’ve got the new Halotropin is a main proprietary blend weight of 439mg.