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Adaptogen introduces Intra Amino Sport with 40% more BCAAs

Intra Amino Sport

Adaptogen Science has introduced a spin-off of its BCAA supplement Intra Amino today called Intra Amino Sport. The product is quite a bit different from the regular Intra Amino, with a lot more BCAAs, new ingredients, and improved hydration.

For muscle building and recovery Adaptogen’s new Intra Amino Sport packs 40% more BCAAs than the original with 7g per serving and an extra 2g of glutamine. Alongside that, the supplement also features a gram of citrulline, and for improved hydration a gram of coconut water powder and a 350mg blend of electrolytes.

Intra Amino Sport

Adaptogen now has its Intra Amino Sport available for purchase through its official website at The price on the product is 10% more than the regular Intra Amino at $49.95 for a 30 serving tub, with three naturally flavored options to choose from in Coconut Lime, Watermelon Cooler, and Pina Colada.