Muscletech unveils its SX-7 Revolution muscle builder Mass-Tech X5

Mass-Tech X5

Muscletech conitnues its growth of its SX-7 Revolution Series this week with yet another muscle building supplement called Mass-Tech X5. While Mass-Tech has always been a name you’d associate with a mass protein for Muscletech, the new SX-7 Revolution product does not fall into that category.

Strength, size and recovery

Mass-Tech X5 is, in fact, a capsule formula designed to help with muscle size and strength, as well as improve recovery. The supplement also features Muscletech’s pill within a pill technology, which allows it to use wet and dry active ingredients. It’s the same technology that you’ll see in a lot of the other items in the SX-7 Revolution Series such as the original Hydroxycut SX-7 Revolution.

Mass-Tech X5

Mass-Tech X5 ingredients

As for the formula behind Muscletech’s exciting sounding Mass-Tech X5, it features a total of four different ingredients. The product packs one liquid ingredient per four capsule serving with 1.7g of MCTs, then for all of its muscle building effects you have 400mg of Peak ATP, 200mg of boron citrate, and 125mg of Sensoril ashwagandha.

At the moment Mass-Tech X5 is not yet available, although when it arrives, like all Muscletech SX-7 Revolution supplements, you’ll be able to get it at GNC. It’ll come in the one 100 capsule bottle size, which at four capsules per serving is enough for 25 servings.