Save $20 by trying all 3 ‘Merica ‘Minos flavors and get a free shaker

Merica Minos

For those that have been waiting for the release of ‘Merica Labz latest supplement creation, the packed out BCAA formula ‘Merica ‘Minos, it has officially arrived. The first place to stock the product is of course the brand’s own website at

‘Merica Labz has two options available for those interested in trying its new ‘Merica ‘Minos, which crams in a massive 12g of BCAAs per serving as well as a heavy 3g of pure citrulline. The first option is a single tub for $39.99 in your choice of three flavors, Grape Again (grape), ImPEACHment (peach), and Blood, Sweat, and Tears (fruit punch).

The second, higher priced ‘Merica ‘Minos option is where you can save a bit of money. Instead of paying $40 for the one 25 serving tub, you can get one of each flavor for the price of two and a half at $100, and you also get a free ‘Merica Labz loop shaker. The place to go is as mentioned the brand’s own website at