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Nubreed’s naturally flavored Helix BCAA dropping in two weeks

Natural Helix BCAA

Nubreed Nutrition has unveiled a new spin-off supplement today perfect for any of its fans that like its amino formula Helix BCAA but don’t like artificial colors or flavors. The latest from the brand is its first alternatively themed, Nubreed Naturals Series product, which we’re referring to as Natural Helix BCAA.

From what we can tell, the natural version of Nubreed’s packed out BCAA will feature the same formula as the regular Helix BCAA. While we haven’t seen its official facts panel just yet to confirm that, the Natural Helix BCAA does have a similar tub weight to the original and still promotes the highlights 10g of aminos, HICA, and AgmaFlow agmatine.

So far only one flavor has been confirmed for Nubreed’s Natural Helix BCAA with Island Breeze, which was only introduced for the regular Helix BCAA back in April. Fans of the brand interested in switching to the natural spin-off can look forward to seeing it launch in less than two week’s time on Monday the 28th of August.