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Nutrex refers to its upcoming pre-workout as Outlift Concentrate

Outlift Concentrate

Following last week’s teaser of yet another spin-off of Nutrex’s clinically dosed pre-workout supplement Outlift, we have a bit of an update to share. While we still don’t know what the pre-workout is designed to do, we now have what appears to be the product’s name.

On Nutrex’s own website it has the recently released teaser image; however, it lists it with an extra little clue. Alongside the covered up picture, the brand has the words “Outlift Concentrate – Coming Soon”, of course, leading us to believe that Outlift Concentrate is the official title of the supplement.

The next big question is how different is Outlift Concentrate going to be compared to the original Outlift and Outlift Amped. Based on the name we guess that it will have a much smaller serving size, relying more on stimulants or at least lighter ingredients than either of the other powder Outlifts.

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