Run Everything Labs adds Pear Passion to its DTE menu

Aug 23rd, 2017
Pear Passion DTE

Something Run Everything Labs has become known for over the past few months is keep fans on their toes with new flavor releases. The brand has already done it many times this year, and now it’s at it again this week for its weight loss competitor DTE.

Fans of Rob and Dana Linn Bailey’s Run Everything Labs previously had three flavors to choose from for DTE with Pineapple, and the two tastes added just a few months ago, Acai Pom Tea and Melon Berry. Now sitting alongside those options is a recipe involving a fruit we don’t see too often in supplements with Pear Passion DTE.

To celebrate the release of the new flavor, Run Everything Labs is running quite the sale. Until tomorrow morning at 10 AM Eastern, you can use the coupon code “PEAR25” to get 25% off everything on the brand’s website. Orders over $55 also get a free bottle of DTE capsules and orders that top $125 get free domestic shipping.