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Performix puts its Terra Bead Technology into a probiotic formula

Performix Probiotic

Performix has added another supplement to its fast growing lineup this month, which puts the brand into a category it wasn’t previously in. The latest from Performix is a complex probiotic formula designed to enhance athletic performance and improve immune support.

While we don’t yet have the official facts panel behind Performix Probiotic to share, we do have a description of the ingredients in the product. Each serving of the supplement is said to pack 10 billion CFUs of clinically studied probiotic strains as well as prebiotic support.

Performix Probiotic

Like all of the brand’s products, the probiotic is also infused with Performix’s signature Terra Bead Technology. According to the brand, the added technology is said to triple the effectiveness of the probiotic formula’s delivery.

The all-new Performix Probiotic is already available for purchase through the store that’s always first to get Performix supplements, GNC. The retailer has priced a full 30 serving box of the product at $39.99, working out to more than a dollar a serving.