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PES teases a mystery industry first supplement for later this month

PES Powder

PEScience is about to launch something that sounds like it’ll be its biggest supplement release in quite some time. The brand has dropped a teaser for what is being called a never before seen product, more typically referred to as an industry first.

Unfortunately, like most teasers, this week’s one from PES doesn’t include any significant details. All we can really see in it is that the supplement is coming packaged in what looks to be a bag, so it’d be good to assume that it’s flavored or at least a powder formula.

While we don’t know all that much at the moment, it certainly sounds like the latest PES innovation is going to be an interesting one, especially since it’s an industry first. The even better news is that the brand is introducing the product sometime this month, putting its launch at a maximum of three and a half weeks away.

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