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Pitbull Labs unveils The Pump, its stimulant free pump pre-workout

Pitbull The Pump

Back when we first introduced Pitbull Labs earlier this year, there was mention that the brand had more than one supplement on the way for the pre-workout market. At the moment Pitbull does already have the simply named, stimulant formula Pre-Workout out and available, which we can now confirm will soon be joined by a product called The Pump.

Pitbull Labs The Pump is exactly what you’d think it is with a name like that. The supplement is the brand’s pump centered pre-workout, aiming to enhance muscle pumps and like most of its competitors, it features a stackable, stimulant free formula. To go with today’s confirmation of The Pump, Pitbull has also released the official label of the upcoming product, revealing its fully transparent mix of ingredients.

Pitbull The Pump

The formula Pitbull Labs has packed into its new The Pump is in fact relatively simple, with four main ingredients alongside electrolytes for improved hydration. Those main, muscle swelling ingredients are 250mg of Capros branded gooseberry, 200mg or norvaline, 1.5g of Nitrosigine, and a very heavy 4g of pure citrulline.

According to the brand, The Pump is currently expected to be arriving in roughly four week’s time. That should make the supplement available the week of the 2017 Olympia Expo, which is always a popular time for new releases.