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Re1gn Review: Olympus Labs delivers its best pre-workout yet

Re1gn Review

Olympus Labs’ Re1gn is arguably one of the most hyped pre-workouts of the year, with a lot of the excitement coming even before its formula reveal. Seeing as the brand had only ever released top-rated supplements for the competitive category, the hype was justified.

Following its official arrival earlier this month we finally got our hands on Re1gn for review, and we can tell you it is Olympus Labs’ best pre-workout so far. It features a combination of ingredients for every effect you could want including 5g of pure citrulline, 300mg of the pump enhancer Vaso-6, and the brand’s trademarked stimulant Stim-X.

Re1gn Review

Intense energy and focus

Like with most effective pre-workouts, the Re1gn experience all starts with an energy kick, which is quite powerful with this one. 10 or so minutes after taking it’ll get you from zero to one hundred in a very short time, so if you take it at exactly the right moment, you’ll enter the gym feeling more than ready to go.

The kick in Re1gn doesn’t just stop with energy; it also comes with a nice amount of mental focus. The effect doesn’t quite clear the mind like most focus enhancing pre-workouts, it’s more of a mental drive that gets you amped and eager for your workout. The energy and focus together make for an incredibly intense combination that’s consistently strong throughout a typical 45 to 60-minute workout.

Balanced muscle pumps

As good as those two stimulant driven effects are, the Re1gn experience doesn’t stop there. The third major effect in the supplement is muscle pumps, which definitely get a helping hand when using the Olympus Labs pre-workout.

Relatively early on in your workout, it’ll become a lot easier to pump up your muscles when performing an exercise. It doesn’t go over the top like with some of the dedicated pump pre-workouts out there, but still enough to take you beyond what you’d be able to achieve without Re1gn. It’s a nice balanced mix between a hard, dense pump, and a full, bloated kind.

Re1gn Review

Short but strong performance

The last area where Re1gn will give you a bit of a boost is with performance and endurance. As we’ve said many times before, this is different from how you feel or perform due to increased energy. It’s more about how much harder it is to tire yourself out, push to exhaustion, and any sort of improvement with your ability to consistently punch out heavy and intense sets.

As mentioned, Olympus Labs Re1gn does definitely help in the performance and endurance area. You’ll find you’re able to sustain a good amount of strength that is already around your best thanks to the energy and focus. The performance-enhancing side simply pushes you a bit beyond that, however, depending on how long you train, it may not get you through your entire workout.

While the energy and focus go from start to finish with Re1gn, we noticed that its performance boost does wear off if you go for too many intense sets. You will still have the energy to workout and focus keeping you driven through to the finish, but that increase in strength will fade.

Re1gn Review

Re1gn review summary

In our minds Re1gn definitely lives up to the hype, delivering the complete pre-workout experience we look for. It has a strong energy and focus kick to it, mixed with a solid amount of pump, and enough of a performance boost for you to notice. The balance of it all results in a pre-workout that beats out all but a few of its competitors.

If you’re looking for a solid, stimulant powered pre-workout than Re1gn is well worth a try. The pump and performance benefits are good, but you will feel those other two effects the most. It’s not exactly a stimulant only supplement, but if you’re not someone who likes an intense hit to start your workout, it may feel like a bit too much.

Recommended serving size

We found the best Re1gn experience came from two regular scoops, not heaping, but also not level. It works out to right around Olympus Labs’ recommended maximum of two scoops totaling just over 10g. If you’re not a fan of intense stimulation, a good way to start with Re1gn would be to use a single scoop first, then build from there if needed. That quickly lowers that intensity of the energy and focus, all while still keeping the pump and performance at noticeable and enjoyable amounts.