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Muscle Sport hints at a Black Series pump product for next week

Muscle Sport

To finish off the week Muscle Sport has released a teaser image for its next new addition to its more advanced Black Series of supplements. As per usual, the brand doesn’t give away a lot of information in its teaser, but enough for us to take a pretty good guess at what it has coming.

In Muscle Sport’s teaser, it has included an image of a traditional air pump as well as the words “You Pumped Yet?” For us, that is more than enough to suggest the brand is getting ready to release a Black Series pump product, or maybe even a more pump focused pre-workout like Rhino Pump Black or Rhino NO Black.

Regardless of what the mystery supplement’s name ends up being, we feel pretty confident in our guess that a Black Series pump product is on the way. What’s even more exciting is that Muscle Sport plans on unveiling the supplement very soon, saying details will be available next week.

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