Rich Piana getting better each day following hospitalization

Aug 11th, 2017
Rich Piana Hospitalized

Yesterday a pretty major story spread throughout the industry regarding the face of 5% Nutrition, Rich Piana. TMZ reported that Piana had been put into a medically induced coma following an emergency at his home in Florida.

5% Nutrition has put out an official statement providing a lot more information on the situation. According to the supplement company, Rich Piana was hospitalized earlier this week but is now recovering, and improving each and every day.

According to TMZ in a second report, it has information from a source confirming what actually happened. On Monday afternoon Piana apparently collapsed and hit his head, Chanel then performed CPR until help arrived and from there Piana was transported to a nearby hospital.

Just as 5% Nutrition is asking its 5% Nation, our thoughts and prayers are with Rich Piana and his family at this troubling time.

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