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Strawberry Postlift previewed with a 33% lighter tub

Strawberry Postlift

Over the past few months, we’ve seen quite a few releases from Nutrex, a lot of which have been new options for the brand’s energy supplements. Today we’ve got details that the brand has turned its attention to the Clinical Edge Series product that probably needs it the most.

Since it arrived roughly one year ago, Nutrex’s post-workout supplement Postlift has had just the one flavor on its menu with a traditional Fruit Punch. This week we’ve finally got some news relating to the lonely list of Postlift flavors, as an image of a second option for the product has surfaced.

The first new flavor for the supplement is going to be a lot like its current one, with a simple recipe in Strawberry. The only details we’re unsure on are the size of the Strawberry Postlift and its formula.

Usually, it’d be good to assume a product’s formula would remain the same for a new flavor; however, the image we have of Strawberry Postliftit suggests otherwise. Not only does the preview feature a 33% lighter tub weight, but the highlights it has on its label are also a little bit different.

We can’t obviously confirm that anything has changed in Nutrex’s Clinical Edge post-workout until all is revealed. For now, all we know for sure is that a Strawberry flavor is coming soon for Postlift.