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UPS Protein confirms Ultimate BCAAs and Isolate for August

Ultimate BCAAs

The Australian supplement company UPS Protein has confirmed two entirely new products that’ll be launched later this month. Both supplements explain exactly what they are right in their titles with Ultimate BCAAs and Ultimate Isolate.

UPS Protein’s upcoming Ultimate BCAAs is a recovery enhancing formula featuring a leucine heavy 6.7g of BCAAs at an 8:1:1 ratio, an unknown amount of citrulline malate, and 2g of the branded Ajinomoto glutamine. As for Ultimate Isolate, it is a protein powder 100% made from fast absorbing whey isolate, with added digestive enzymes for improved absorption.

The only other details worth sharing for the two UPS Protein products are their four different flavors. Ultimate BCAAs is coming in Blue Raspberry, Orange Mango, Grape, and Green Apple, with Ultimate Isolate having the slightly more creative menu of Chocolate, Vanilla, Banana, and Honeycomb.