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VMI’s Arimistane bonus bottle has 50% extra but costs only 25% more

VMI Arimistane

Usually, VMI Sports’ estrogen lowering, cortisol reducing, individual ingredient formula Arimistane comes in the one size, packing a total of 60 capsules. That is enough to last you 30 days on the brand’s recommended dose of two capsules once a day, supplying 50mg of its title ingredient, arimistane.

For a limited time, however, VMI Sports has a special bonus bottle of Arimistane available that’ll get you 50% more of the product but for only a fraction extra in price. The brand has just added that bonus 90 capsule bottle of the supplement to its website, with a cost $7 higher than the regular size’s $30.

The exact numbers for VMI Sports’ bonus size of Arimistane are 90 capsules per bottle with a price that’s 23% more expensive at exactly $36.99. The only way you can get a hold of the product is through, and as mentioned there is only a limited amount available.